10 Current Affairs You Should Know

These questions were taken from the news papers of last week. You should know each and everything happening in our nation as well as the world to prepare for competitive exams. This week there was a huge change in the Cabinet of Ministers. Scroll down for more current affairs.

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1. Which Indian language is going to be taught in Australian Schools?

(a)Telugu (b)Tamil (c)Hindi (d)Bengali

2. Who is the current Law Minister of India?

(a)Veerappa Moily (b)Salman Khurshid (c)P.Chidambaram (d)Pranab Mukherjee

3. Who has recently got the Punjab Rattan Award?

(a)Lord Manraj Singh (b)Lord Sukhwinder Singh

(c)Lord Harpreet Singh (d)Lord Indarjit Singh

4. Who is the current director of CBI?

(a)V.P. Singh (b)Bikram Singh (c)A.P.Singh

(d)Devender Kumar Joshi

5. Which Indian state has the open-jail concept?

(a)Bihar (b)Delhi (c)Kerala (d)UP

6. Which Telugu Actor is included in the recent Cabinet Shuffle?



(c)Uday Kiran


7. Who is the current Minister of Petroleum and Natural Gas?

(a)Vayalar Ravi (b)Veerappa Moily (c)Pawan Kumar Bansal

(d)A.K. Antony

8. Who is the youngest Minister of the resent Cabinet?

(a)Agatha Sharma (b)Manish Tiwari (c)Sachin Pilot

(d)Jitendra Singh

9. Which famous footballer recently scored his 300th goal?

(a)Cristiano Ronaldo (b)Lionel Messi (c)Fernando Torres

(d)Wayne Rooney

10. Who won the world billiards title 2012?

(a)Rupesh Shah (b)Pankaj Advani (c)Peter Gilchrist

(d)Mike Russell 

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    1. c, 2. b, 5.a, 6.b,7.b,8.c,9.b,10.b